My experience with Lindsay has been so positive and inspiring! I’ve had her edit the first two books in my romantic suspense series, and she has given me so much to go on each time. Not only has she proved invaluable for tweaking awkward sentence structure and helping with all the nitty gritty grammar, but she has worked to gently mold the plot into something more cohesive. Her knowledge of the English language is extensive and so valuable! I learn so much with each comment, and sometimes I wonder how I’d gone through most of my life not knowing this word or that word. But, all of these skills aside, I believe for me as a new author, the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Lindsay has been what she teaches me about the overall craft of writing — opening hooks, passive voice, scene progression and reflection, and SO much more. She has truly made me a better writer and always in a positive and encouraging way. I feel so grateful that I found her!

~Rimmy London, author of the Coastline Romantic Suspense Series

Rimmy London