Being a self-professed reluctant writer, sometimes I need kind words and firm guidance. That special someone who knows how to inspire, but has the precision to take that piece of coal and turn it into a diamond. Lindsay is such a person. She has a firm grasp of what a story needs, regardless of length. Her eye for story detail is impeccable and she makes those hard calls that others might not want to mention. Yet, she does so with a grace and kindness that is rare in this world, let alone this field. Lindsay has a keen awareness of what the reader wants, but never lets go of the author’s intent, resulting in a piece that satisfies both. I always look forward to working with her, and know what successes I have experienced in writing rest on her shoulders. 

~Devin Bradley, author of “At the Back of Mount St. Christopher’s”

Devin Bradley

Lindsay does a killer job every. single. time.

~David Christiansen, author of the award-winning stories, “For Sale by Owner” and “The Soul Fairy”

David Christiansen

My experience with Lindsay has been so positive and inspiring! I’ve had her edit the first two books in my romantic suspense series, and she has given me so much to go on each time. Not only has she proved invaluable for tweaking awkward sentence structure and helping with all the nitty gritty grammar, but she has worked to gently mold the plot into something more cohesive. Her knowledge of the English language is extensive and so valuable! I learn so much with each comment, and sometimes I wonder how I’d gone through most of my life not knowing this word or that word. But, all of these skills aside, I believe for me as a new author, the most valuable thing I’ve learned from Lindsay has been what she teaches me about the overall craft of writing — opening hooks, passive voice, scene progression and reflection, and SO much more. She has truly made me a better writer and always in a positive and encouraging way. I feel so grateful that I found her!

~Rimmy London, author of the Coastline Romantic Suspense Series

Rimmy London

I first met Lindsay a couple of years ago at the Write Here in Ephraim writer’s conference where she was teaching a class on why you need an editor. She was so friendly and encouraging that I connected with her right away and when it came time for me to have professional edits done on my novel, she was my first and only choice. Working with Lindsay has been the best decision and I’m grateful every day for the support and guidance she offered! Her attention to detail is impeccable and she really understood my story. Her knowledge of grammar and her love of words helped me craft my story on a professional level. I was so happy with her advice and edits, that I also had her help me with my query letter a few months later; another sound decision as I’ve just signed with a publisher. Lindsay has been my own personal cheerleader every step of the way and I’m thrilled to not only call her my editor, but also my friend. 

~Jodi Jensen, author of the novel Sophie’s Key

Jodi Jensen

With her many suggestions, Lindsay Flanagan made [my] manuscript better and probably deserves a co-writing credit. Now I understand why writers always thank editors.

Jim Meisner, Jr., M.Div., author of the novel Faith, Hope, and Baseball

Jim Meisner, Jr.

Lindsay is nothing short of amazing! Her editing is always right on target and always aimed at helping make your writing stronger. She’s a joy to work with. I felt like she not only understood what I was trying to do with my story but also was able to enjoy the story as a reader would. It was like getting two perspectives in one. Her editing eye is wonderful and her skills are top notch. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next novel! 

~Author of the Rio Verde series

Elise Phillips

Lindsay saved my manuscript. After years of staring at the same project and two previous rounds of edits, I knew Apparent Power was missing something. Lindsay dug through my story, found the trouble, and was able to talk with me to re-imagine the scene and direct it where it needed to go. Lindsay even let me advocate for my story with an open mind. I would hate to ever publish another book without her.

~Dacia M. Arnold, author of the award-winning novel Apparent Power

Dacia M. Arnold